Janne Ahola – Tora

Mapsion 2022 Projection Mapping Competition shows projection mapping artworks, AV-live performances and new media installations from 12 different countries.

From 18 shortlisted works my piece “Tora” came second in the competition. Thanks to Niko Tiainen for organising Mapsion and congratulations to Capital Creavite for the first place.


Lumo 2023

“Inspired by the recent successes of spaceflight companies, the Oulu Cathedral is being transformed into a launch platform. The work projects the traveler into a dreamlike state, where the vision of truth has changed, and the destination is no longer a given.

The piece explores the intertwined features of space travel and the exploration of one’s own mind. As one moves through flowing layers, the sense of time and space gets distorted: the journey has changed the reality around us, or perhaps just our ability to perceive the world around us.”

Sound design and composition: Tommi Toivonen.

Traveler was part of Lumo Light art festival 2021

Dissolving Patterns

Photo: Jonathan Melartin, Projio
Photo: Mikko Vares, Projio

Dissolving Patterns at Projio Media Art Festival, 2021.

“The synthetic world of sound and laconic contemporary poetry accompanies the alternation between the two- and three-dimensional worlds inspired by the industrial history of the Finlayson Art Area”

Sound design: Janne Ahola
Poem: Astu sisään, Arianna Consuelo Marcon

Maiden´s story

Special thanks to Niina Härkönen and Joonas Väkeväinen for making this unique project possible.

Maiden’s story was a comissions work for Savonlinna Illumination and was premiered at Valentine´s day 2019.

By far the most famous story of Olavinlinna is the tragic love story of the Finnish maiden:

“The daughter of the castle’s Lord was in love with a Russian soldier and one night she opened the castle gate to let him in. But she was betrayed by her lover when he brought more soldiers with him.

The Russian forces were fought off and the traitorous lover was killed in the attack. The maiden was sentenced to death for treason and buried alive in the wall of the courtyard. Shortly afterwards a rowan tree grew on the burial spot and the white flowers which bloomed on the tree were said to be symbolic of the girl’s innocence”.

Inspired by this chilling tale and the historic building in the heart of Savonlinna, together with composer Tommi Toivonen we visualized this story using projection mapping and motion captured animations.

The Lure

Hansel and Gretel.
The Lure, Reflektor Light Art Festival 2018.

The Lure is an interpretation of the discarded and the castoff.

An abandoned cabin at Kivinokka, Helsinki is turned into an enchanted space where supernatural elements take over a deserted place.

Projection mapping motivated by the witch’s house from the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’ by Grimm Brothers invites the viewer to create their own mythical fairy-tales of Kivinokka.

Music and sound design by Aki Päivärinne.
Production: Reflektor