Counterparts, 2017
Video projection, 1.40min, Loop
Dimension: variable

Since the 90s, the internet has become an integral part of our lives, a ‘place’ where much of our time slips away unnoticed. Both our responsibilities and leisure activities guide us, but the line between work and play has become increasingly blurred.

Counterparts aims to disclose how vanishing is the line between virtual and physical worlds. Bridge through these two realities is made possible by the playful variation of projected shadows and highlights.

Counterparts, Exhibition Centre WeeGee 2022
Photo: Robert Sjöblom

The idea for Counterparts was to create a calm, lifelike effect that seems believable but is actually impossible. It gently blends the line between reality and digital art and encourages us to reflect more deeply on the evolving relationship between our physical world and the rapidly advancing digital realm.

Today entire generations struggle to keep pace with technological changes. It’s worth thinking about which activities should be maintained with human contact, as it questions the value of personal interaction in our increasingly digital world.

Site-specific render at Reflektor Art Festival 2023
4-channel version at Carnival of Lights, 2018
Photo: Natalia Kopkina
Photo: Natalia Kopkina

Counterparts has been shown at:
Reflektor Art Festival, Vantaa 2023
Talven ja valon juhla, Heinola 2023
WeeGee Exhibition Center, Espoo, 2022
SLUSH Tokyo, Japan, 2019
Carnival Of Lights, Helsinki, 2018
Polar Night light Festival, Ruka, 2017

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