The View

In 2021, an adventure began that led the Traveler through cosmic layers, diving deeper and deeper into the abyss of understanding. Now, two years after the beginning of the journey, the mixed feelings of fear have been replaced with peace of mind as his physical form dissolves into a sea of textures.
The View follows the Traveler’s story as he lets go of the final traces of his physical form while venturing into the unknown.

“Our individual growth represents the advancement of the species. The exploration of the cosmos is a voyage of self-discovery.”
-Carl Sagan

The sound design of the artwork is by Hanna and Tommi Toivonen.

In partnership with Oulu Cathedral Parish

The View, Lumo Light Festival Oulu 2023
The View, Lumo Light Festival Oulu 2023

“The names of both these works come from song titles on Esa Kotilainen’s album Ajatuslapsi. Perhaps the fundamental idea is that people should give some time to themselves and their own minds. Forget about what others think, concentrate on your own stuff, and just go for it. The album is the perfect soundtrack for that”.

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The View, Lumo Light Festival Oulu 2023

Producer: Marjaana Nieminen
Video and Concept: Janne Ahola
Media Server and TouchDesigner programming: Mikko Kunnari
Light Design: Lauri Lundahl
Sound Design and composing: Hanna Toivonen, Tommi Toivonen

Production: Sun Effects Oy