Weather Report

Weather Report, 2023

Weather Report, 2023
single-channel video, acrylic on canvas, animation, 4K, Stereo.
Music by Tuomas Rio (Wailing Spirit)

Weather Report seamlessly integrates acrylic painting with 3D animation, creating a sophisticated fusion of traditional and contemporary artistic techniques. The painting serves as the foundational layer for all digital elements, including light, shadow, and motion.

The installation consists of three interwoven parts, reflecting different stages of light and climate fluctuations, transitioning smoothly from one hue to another. Following this, the topology also undergoes a transformation, adapting and morphing to align with the previous changes in saturation. Like nature adjusts to shifts in the climate.

Weather Report, 2023

“The original inspiration for the work emerged in 2019 when I began to pay attention to the red-yellow color palette of weather forecasts. As I read more about the subject, I encountered an online marginal discussion about a theory suggesting that the masses are driven to fear by altering the color palette of weather reports (e.g. here). This claim has since been refuted, and the reasons for the color palette change have been attributed to factors such as improved measurement methods and misinterpretations of maps.

This thought made me think about when it might be acceptable to stretch the truth if it clearly benefits humanity?”

The foundation of the installation revolves around utilitarian ethics, suggesting that actions should be measured by their effect on collective good and welfare. In such a contemplative setting, Weather Report encourages the audience to reflect on the moral challenges presented by unavoidable transitions, including climate change and diaspora for example.

Weather Report, 2023

In 2023, we stand at the brink of profound global transformations. Climate change and the movement of people are key signs of these shifts. We are at a crucial point in history, facing changes so big and fundamental that we haven’t yet fully identified or understood them.

Early ideas for multi-screen setup.